Monday, January 9, 2012

The Travel Notebook

If you're a hipster, then chances are that you own a moleskine. Probably two, in fact. However, at the risk of sounding too hipster I'm going to share with you my latest travel crush.
The passions travel journal is like the bottom of my backpack meets a nicely organized, categorized, and leather bound upgrade!

I know this list seems kind of long but read through it - you'll be amazed at what comes inside!
Inside features:

  • 240 pages split into 10 tabbed sections to plan all my travel needs
  • Tabs:
    • Wish List
    • Planning
    • Weekend Trips
    • Short Trips
    • Long Trips
  • Personalized tabs that you can customize!
    • Stickers, Icons, Glossaries, Listings, Themed Calendars, a Double Pocket for Clipping, Ticket & Card Collection
  • Handy Information
    • International Airport Codes
    • Flight Durations
    • Time Zones
    • Temperatures
    • And More!

I found one of these while hanging out at a local bookstore and almost bought one on the spot! However, I didn't feel like going into overdraft this month so I pocketed the $17 for another time. But seriously, $17?! What a steal! If your'e still not convinced then watch this video.
Also, in case you weren't aware, Moleskin also makes a TON of city-specific travel journals that are filled with great tips for each city. I kind of want to buy the Philadelphia one so I can explore my own home even more : )
I'd love to hear how you stay organized while on the go! Do you have any helpful travel tips?


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