Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Band's Visit

*A quick note - This is my first film review (so sorry you can tell) But I just wanted to share this movie with you because it really connected with me and I hope it does with you as well. I hope with time to continue to get better at writing film reviews.
You know when you get a movie from Netflix that you forgot you had on your Queue? It happened to me the other day and it was a pleasant surprise! I took a film class this past semester and was recommend to watch all kinds of movies outside of the required ones for class. This film caught my particular interest. Perhaps it's because I spent 8 months abroad in 2011 living in Israel Palestine. The familiar Hebrew and Arabic sounded like music to my ears, and the dusty abandoned roads shook up some memories I had been missing.
The film takes place over the course of one night. The Alexandria Police Orchestra is on their way to perform at the grand opening of a new Arab Culture Center in Bet Hatikva. Along the journey they loose their way and wind up in a no name town with abandoned streets and a sassy restauranteur named Dina.
Things I liked about the film: It's rare to find a film that surveys the human estate as it is. Hollywood is often too tempted to dabble between the lines and always fin the silver lining. But I really appreciated seeing a justly portrayed sense of reality, the starkness of loneliness, and the purposefulness and fulfillment that comes from a little bit of music. Although the plot centered around this orchestra, there were not any annoying continuums of music that dominated the scene for no particular reason, but when there were glimpses of the beautifully played notes it was appropriately filling in a void that no dialogue could have sufficed.
Watching this movie made me long for the place I really want to be...which is back in Israel Palestine. To see more film reviews, click here.


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